Nérigean Block

  • Year 2008
  • Program Housing
  • Client INCITÉ (OHLM), Urban Community of Bordeaux
  • Status Competition, project not retained
  • Surface 7 500 m² / 80,729 sq. ft
  • Cost €379,000 (excl. tax)
  • Location Bordeaux, France

Examine the architecture of a block in the historic city center of Bordeaux and propose a transformation strategy free of nostalgia and concessions to the picturesque. Our proposal: create a large garden (3,500 m² / 37,674 sq. ft) in the center of the block. A community asset for all inhabitants, undefined by a precise plan but composed of simple elements: a large central tree, birdhouses placed around the dwellings, and a large, planted trellis around the ground floor programs. Vertical circulations (elevators) are moved outside to make all dwellings accessible. Inside the block, fully glazed conservatories replace the formerly closed facades. Depending on the season, they offer thermal modulation to the dwellings and ensure maximum light and sunshine. The apartments are spacious and enjoy the high ceilings typical of Bordeaux buildings. The project includes a caretaker and a gardener.