Carthage National Museum

  • Year 2023
  • Client Expertise France, ministère tunisien des Affaires culturelles
  • Architects Christophe Hutin, Memia Taktak / DZETA, Chokry Ben Salmane
  • Status Concours, projet non retenu
  • Surface 4 775 m2
  • Cost €10,000,000
  • Location Carthage, Tunisia

Founded at the end of the 9th century BC by Elissa-Didon, Carthage is an exceptional place of mixing, diffusion and development of Phoenicopunic, Roman, Paleo-Christian and Arab cultures. The requalification and rehabilitation program revolved around a center for the conservation and enhancement of archaeological remains, spaces for cultural and educational actions, for administration and logistical services, for conviviality and services.