House in Cestas

  • Year 2008
  • Program House
  • Client Private individual
  • Status Build
  • Surface 194 m² / 2,088 sq. ft
  • Cost €154,000 (excl. tax)
  • Location Cestas, France

A client with a passion for horses has a parcel of woodland on the edge of a riding school. To live in the forest while enjoying the view of the horses as they pass by, the house is elongated, delicately set between the trees, and open to the landscape. Made from a horticultural greenhouse, it consists of three insulated, plaster-finished inner pavilions, separated by two conservatories. The conservatories create a filter effect between the interior and exterior of the house. In winter, they capture passive energy and heat the rooms. In the evening, these rooms are closed and retain the heat. In summer, a smart automatic system regulates the temperature. A weather station triggers the skylight openings when a certain temperature is reached.