Do it yourself, innovative housing project

  • Year 2011
  • Program Housing
  • Client Calgro M3 Holdings
  • Status Study
  • Surface 4,962 m² / 53,410 sq. ft
  • Location Soweto, South Africa

The cities of Johannesburg and Soweto are experiencing unprecedented urban sprawl. Today, a model suited to the South African economic and social context needs to be developed in place of the suburban model. The project consists of a cost-effective and rational concrete structure adapted to climate and context. Long, narrow strips of housing on the west and north sides create a large communal garden in the center of the plot. The five-story high-ceilinged concrete structures are composed of “buildable” plots of 127 to 450 m2 (1,367 to 4,844 sq. ft) with the possibility of creating gardens of 25 to 317 m2 (1,367 to 3,412 sq. ft) each. The aim of this project is initially to deliver empty plots to each family, free to build their own home with the developer of their choice.