Abbadia Castle Visitor Centre

  • Year 2012
  • Program construction of a reception center for the Château Abbadia
  • Client Commune of Hendaye
  • Architects Christophe Hutin, Maindi Murua Berra, Audrey Aydin
  • Status Competition, project not retained
  • Surface 324 m² / 3,681 sq. ft
  • Cost €399,100 (
  • Location Hendaye, France

Overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful bays, the Abbadia Château-Observatory is part of the exceptional geography of the Basque country. Built at the end of the 19th century by Viollet-Le-Duc, its architecture was designed according to certain axes and alignments in relation to the ocean rocks and the heavens. To enhance its value and make it accessible to the public while respecting this listed site, we designed our project along these cosmic lines. The architectural project for the construction of the public reception center is a contemporary pavilion that fits seamlessly between the trees and enjoys the best views of the bay and the castle.